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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So far I have reviewed six of Karen Wiesner's Incognito books. I am working on her latest one right now. I took a look at her web site and found that she doesn't plan on stopping the series anytime soon. Within the next few years she will have at least a few more books in the series done. is where you can check out all six of my reivews for that series. In a nut shell the books all follow the same theme. They are action/romance stories. The books can be read seperatley and/or out of order if you wish, but it goes the most smoothly if you read them in order. The theme that is the same in each book is the Network. The Network is kind of like the CIA, but it is even more hush hush and only the top US officials, including the president know of the Network's existance. The Network obtains justice where justice is due. They target drug traffickers, terrorists, etc. There is a specific ranking within the Network. The members of the Network are called operatives. They give up their freedom to ensure the freedom of the rest of the world. There are different levels of operatives; these different levels decide what it is you are allowed/not allowed to do. It takes years to train an operative to be able to perform at the neccassary level. They go through every type of traning imaginable: torture, etiquette training, training in seduction, business, fighting, weapons, etc.
Each book targets a different operative (s). The book becomes their story, which also inclues romance. As an operative you are strictly forbidden to have a romantic relationship of any kind within the wall of the Network as well as without. What the top officials don't understand is that it is human nature to love and crave a connection, so each story delves into this. If caught, the operatives face severe punishement, and even death.
The six books that I have read so far have been amazing and worth the read. I would recommend them to any and everyone. Karen Wiesner has written many, many books and has a great skill for writing.
Have any of you bloggers out there read anything by her? I have yet to read her other books yet. Do they compare to this series?