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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Like I've said about so many books I've had the pleasure of reviewing, this book makes it into my top list of all time books. It is most likely in my top 40 or 50 best reads ever. What is awesome is the fact that there is going to be a sequel coming out!! Rita leaves us at a cliff hanger that makes me very anxious for her sequel to come out.

Rita Heron is also a very skilled writer, which you will see as soon as you start reading her book, so I will definitely be seeking out other books from her.

Below is my review that I did for Insatiable Desire. You can also check it out on along with other great reviews from some amazing reviewers.

Rita Heron does an amazing job at creating a story that is thrilling, sexy, and past faced. I read Insatiable Desire in one sitting because I could not find an appropriate place to put it down. There was excitement on every page and I found myself unwilling to walk away from that excitement.
Vincent is a complicated man. In fact, he really isn’t fully a man; he is part demon. His father was a demon, and his mother was human. After witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of his father when he was just a young boy, Vincent has blocked out most memories of that specific event and those around that time in his life. Now, years later, he is a detective and finds himself called back to his home town. There are multiple murders taking place and the local psychic, Clarissa, thinks the murders are all connected. The spirits of the dead girls are trying to tell her something and are crying out for help. Vincent hasn’t seen Clarissa since he was a boy. Realizing fast that she is no longer an awkward looking little girl, he finds himself lusting after her almost immediately upon their reunion. He knows he is a dangerous man and has desires inside of him that are animal like and on the verge of evil, so he vows to stay away from her. He finds this to be a very hard task because it is evident that she is attracted to him and he cannot get her off of his mind. Although Vincent doesn’t remember all of his past, he does remember a snap shot of his father telling him that he had bad blood inside of him.

Clarissa senses that Vincent may be the key in helping her to solve this mystery. Young girls keep showing up dead; and they are all dying at the hands of their greatest fears. Clarissa senses that the killer may not be human. She knows enough about Vincent’s past to know that he is probably more connected in this than he is willing to admit.
Rita Heron has an amazing ability to create characters that get under your skin and latch on and stay with you. They are personable, intense, and intriguing. She has a great skill with her words. What I really enjoyed was the fact that she was able to weave an intricate story that involves everything from romance, to demons, to mystery, to murder. What I also love is the fact that Rita Heron leaves us at a cliff hanger which leads her readers to believe that the excitement is just beginning and there is much more to come. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great read that will leave you captivated!

Friday, November 14, 2008


This story, as I mention in my review, is most focused on just a few days time. It is a pleasant story that takes you through the kidnapping of the wrong girl, the attempt to make it right, the realization that it won't work, and the fleeing to safety so that one can avoid certain death and the other won't be forced into marriage.
It is a good, quick read that involves wizards, and young ladies who are ready and waiting to fall in love, a few good battles, and some amazing characters that you will no doubt fall in love with.

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At first glance of the cover art of this book, I thought it was going to be a teen fantasy book. What I realized after the first chapter that it was far from a book for teens to read; this was strictly for adults. Even though the cover art threw me for a loop and made me expect something different than what I got, I am not disappointed in the story. I think Victoria Graydale did a great job creating a lovely story.
Phaedra has been taking care of Millie since they were children. At birth, Phaedra’s mother died and a wizard took pity on her father and brought Phaedra to Lord and Lady Alcock. She grew up with their daughter, who was around the same age as she. Due to a childhood illness, Millie’s body grew up to that of a lady, but her mind stayed immature and innocent. Phaedra knew that Millie’s father wanted her to marry, and vowed to only let her marry someone who would treat Millie right and not take advantage of her.
Phaedra is kidnapped by a man named Adrian and taken to Cedrik, an evil man who wants to marry Millie, by force if necessary. Adrian realizes the terrible mistake he has made; He kidnapped the wrong woman! Mistaking Phaedra for Millie, he realizes that this mistake could be fatal; Cedrik does not take kindly to such mistakes. Both Adrian and Phaedra decide that it is in the best interest of everyone to get Millie and take her to the wizard so that she can be safe from the grasp of Cedrik. Phaedra is doing this for Millie, and Adrian is doing it to save his own hide from the wraith of Cedrik.
As their journey takes them further and further away from Cedrik, Phaedra and Adrian start to realize just how much they really care for each other. Will they be able to reconcile their differences and fall in love, or will Phaedra’s stubbornness and Adrian’s gruffness push each other further and further apart?
Victoria Graydale does a great job at the cat and mouse game with these two characters’. One minute you are sure that they will fall into each others’ arms and consummate their love, and in the next they are in a fight and cannot stand to look at each other. I found her writing to be very seductive, and always leave you waiting for the next encounter between Adrian and Phaedra.
This story does not go into great detail, and it not drawn out; in fact, it is a very fast paced novel that would be great to read front to back on a rainy day. It all takes place in just a few days time, and involves just one big adventure. You get just enough fighting, loving, and mystery to make this a great story. I would recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, and a good love story.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay, this was another sexy as all freakin hell book. I felt like I was under a trance while I read this. I wanted my world to go away so that I could stay in this world that Deidre Knight created. Don't get me wrong, my life isn't terrible, but this was just so sexy and exciting that I wanted no interruptions!
Regardless of the genre of book it is, the feeling I got from reading this book is what tells me if it is a truely great read. When my reality becomes unexciting and I find myself wanting to get away from it, and the world that the author creates becomes my reality, if only for a few hours, then I know that author has me; hook, line and sinker. This is EXACTLY what Deidre Knight did for me.
Below is my review I did of her book, which goes into more detail about how truely amazing her story is...

Deidre Knight had my body, heart, and soul tingling with excitement throughout her entire, powerfully written, story. Her characters are strong and sturdy in their personality, her words cut right to the heart, and her plot line leaves you breathless and wanting more.
Ajax Petrakos is a Spartan Warrior. He and six other warriors are given a choice by the god Ares; they could move on to the afterlife that awaits them at their deaths, or they could become immortal protectors of the world. They choose immortality, and from there vow to protect the world from all evil. Centuries go by and Ajax finds that he is getting sick and tired of everything; He longs to be set free. During his free time he is drinking and sleeping with women to try and pass the time, until he gets a summons from his King and the real adventure starts. The Oracle foretold that Ajax will encounter a battle that will cause him to fight for his life, and at the same time, he will finally meet the woman he has been promised to for many years; Shay Angel. This is a woman that has been in his dreams and in the Oracles’ vision and he has had a constant lusting for
These two meet up, and realize that their paths were meant to cross and that their destinies involve each other. Their sexual energy is evident right from the start, and together they know they must engage in a battle with one of the most powerful, and evil demons in order to restore order. Together they experience triumph and heartache; all the while falling more madly in love with each other as each passing day goes by.
Deidre Knight has created a true God. Ajax is that man you see in your dreams at night that you wish would come and sweep you off of your feet; quite literally, since he does have wings. He is the definition of a man, and his body leaves you breathless. The seduction scenes between Ajax and Shay leave you trembling. Deidre doesn’t do what a lot of writers do and have them give it up and go for the gold in the bedroom right off. She leaves you waiting; and waiting. Her ability to seduce the reader with her words, which tell of Ajax pulling Shay in for a passionate kiss because he can’t stop himself, or how he nibbles her ear and growls into it softly how much he wants her, leaves her readers trembling.
The characters’ personalities are one of a kind. I fell in love with Ajax because he is a true hero, with all of the right qualities. I feel in love with Shay and her two overprotective brothers because I found that I would respond to things the same way they did had I been in their situation (and I would have LOVED to have been in Shay’s situation!). Deidre Knight’s ability to keep her story exciting and making her readers turn the pages faster and faster, not wanting it to ever end is the sign of a truly excellent story. This is one that I would recommend to anyone who likes spicy novels about warriors, demons, and romance. This is one that I will read over and over again.

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This was definitly a powerful story to read. This is a small thing, but I really liked the title of this book, and think you will fully understand and appreciate it once you've gotten through the entire story. Michael Greenberg is a very strong man for being able to tell his story and share it with so many people...

This true life account of Michael Greenberg’s daughter going through her first bout of psychosis is truly eye opening and revealing. His ability to take us into her mind, and give us a glimpse of what it feels like to be manic is astounding. This book packed more of a punch than a text book regarding this illness ever would.
Sally is fifteen years old. Up until now, she lived what she and everyone else thought as a ‘normal’ life. Her father, Michael Greenberg starts to notice her behavior change. She is pacing, acting out verbally, obsessively writing, and saying things that don’t appear to make any sense. Michael finally decides that she needs to be hospitalized because he cannot give her the help that she needs. So begins Sally’s long, hard battle of not only trying to get better, and come back into reality, but also come to grips with the fact that this is never going to go away.
After spending over twenty days in the psych ward, Sally is able to go home. The work is far from over for her. She has to take lots of medication, go to appointments with a psychiatrist that meet multiple times a week, and basically learn how to live all over
What I think I loved most about this book was the fact that it was so real. This could have been anyone’s child. Michal and Pat dealt with the cards they were given in the same way most parents would; fear, frustration, confusion, sadness, and most of all, determination. I think that this book will help inspire many families who have children with a mental disorder to realize that there is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it is a constant uphill battle, but progress can be made, and your child can still live a wonderful life; they do not have to be defined by their illness.
Michael Greenberg did an amazing job at allowing the reader to see into Sally’s mind, but at the same time not confusing us. His words were clear and concise and very, very real. It is very apparent that he has a skill with using words. He is able to turn his story into something much more than just words on paper; he turns them into hope for others. I think this was also probably a liberating story for him to write as well. I believe it is very therapeutic to write about troubles you have had and to be able to share them with the world and get support from people going through similar circumstances.
I would recommend this book first and foremost to anyone who knows anyone who has a mental illness of this sort. I would also recommend this book to any and everyone. I think it is a great learning tool for people that have never had to experience anyone who is mentally ill to learn about it and be prepared if it ever comes their way. I give Michael Greenberg much kudos for writing this book, and I hope his daughter Sally is staying strong.

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