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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Below is a book that is a bit different than any I have ever reviewed. It is a book of short stories. I usually avoid those at all costs, but as you will read in my review I am very pleased that I took a chance with this one. Mathias B. Freese has done a wonderful job putting together a compilation of these short stories. Below is my review!

Not being a big fan of short stories, I looked into this book before agreeing to read it. Realizing that Mathias B. Freese has worked in the mental health field for many years sparked my interest. Also working in the mental health field, I was intrigued enough to agree to read these stories when I found that Mathias B. Freese focused his stories on deviant and damaged people. This was right up my alley!
I got through these stories in one short afternoon and found I enjoyed most of them very much; One of my favorites being Echo. From the way I interpreted this short story, Jonathan is a man who has been making friends and connections with people his whole life. He enjoys these feelings of friendships, but at the same time stays somewhat aloof from making a deep connection. Realizing his pattern of making friends just to later break up the friendships and be alone again, he explains all of this to a current friend of his just before breaking it off with him. Soon after he ends this friendship, he also breaks off his relationship with his wife.
Jon is unable to think about and understand the hurt that he is causing to these people. Instead, he focuses on the strange feelings of fulfillment and release he gets when abandoning these relationships. This is a terrible way to live and shows how damaged Jon really is. This is a harsh reality that he will probably live with for the rest of his life.
Mathias B. Freese writes very clear and concise, not adding any unnecessary details to his stories. He is a powerful writer who kept me entertained throughout all of his stories. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys short stories, but more importantly, to those who enjoy the darker side of humanity. It is like stepping into a therapy session where nothing is off limits to talk about and you learn all of the deep, dark secrets of these troubled individuals. You can’t talk back and offer solutions, but it really jump starts your mind and gives you a lot to think about!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


An excellent read! Below is my review!

Martha Powers does an amazing job creating a story that is filled with adventure, mystery, and romance. This multi-layered book kept my attention the whole way through; I never wanted to put it down.
Clare thought she had a normal life. She had a job, was engaged, and thought she knew who she was. When her mother Rose dies of cancer, she is sent into a tailspin. Assuming she already knows she’s adopted, Clare’s doctor tells her that she may want to seek out the medical history of her real parents to see if breast cancer runs in her family. Totally shocked about hearing that her whole life was a lie, Clare calls off her wedding to go in search of her real parents.
Her search takes her to Grand Rapids, Minnesota where she desperately searches for clues from her past. As her search progresses she sets up a meeting with a man named Nate. To help cover why she is really in Grand Rapids she has decided to interview Nate about a book he has written for her job. Feeling a connection with him, she divulges into her story and is grateful when he decides that he wants to help her search for her parents.
As time goes on, Clare starts to have flashbacks of her mother and father and what happened one horrific night when she was four years old. As the flashbacks get worse, Clare realizes she is getting closer and closer to the truth about her identity and what really transpired that awful night years ago that tore her away from her parents. If that isn’t enough, the truth starts to leak out about why Clare is in Grand Rapids. Someone starts to send her threatening notes; they slash her tires, and even try to kill her. Confused as to why someone would want to hurt her, Clare becomes more determined than ever to break the conspiracy of silence that the town seems to have.
This story has amazing depth. Not only is Clare on a search to find out who she really is, but the hair raising action takes your breath away and the attraction between Clare and Nate is undeniable. Martha Powers fills her story with twists and turns that make the reader want to keep reading until the end.
The clarity of Martha Powers’ writing is also worth noting. Nothing was confusing, the use of description was just right, and the characters were fun loving and oh-so real. I would recommend this book to any reader out there who enjoys a good book filled with action, mystery and a budding romance.

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