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Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello all!!!

After receiving numerous emails for review requests I decided to snap back to reality and get this blog back up and running! Being a full time graduate student in the Clinical Counseling field is a lot of work!!! On top of that..I have been going through a divorce for the last few months..a very unexpected one at that..not the most fun I've ever had, let me tell you! Things are looking up though! I have a new place, am dating again, and loving life! I feel it's a perfect time to dive back into those wonderful books you are all writing! :)

I am afraid I am a bit behind on some reviews, for that I greatly apologize. I am on vacation this week and hope to catch up! I would love for you to email me if you would like your book reviewed! For those of you new to my it works is I read your book, review it, post it on here, as well as email you a copy and hopefully get some good discussion going with folks! This is a great way to advertise your book for free! I am such a huge book dork and so this hobby is by far my favorite :)

That's all for now! keep the comments and emails coming! :)

<3 Ashley