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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hmmm how to describe this book. Well, I will say that the content of this book snuck up on me. I was totally expecting one thing, and got quite another. I honestly thought I wouldn't get much out of this book, but I was wrong. This book was deep man. Really freakin' deep. It totally made me re-think my life, and what I'm living for. It helped open my eyes to the positive things around me. It made me laugh. It made me want to be a better person. All of that in such a short story about a dad and a random road trip with his two kids. I am impressed. Keith J. Price, if you are reading rock man. Mad props to you! :-)

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Before deciding if I wanted to even read this story, I thought to myself a bit skeptically ‘okay, this guy wrote about a road trip with his two kids…cute…but honestly, who cares?! ‘ This story wasn’t going to be a wild fictional tale that kept me on the edge of my seat, but rather a road trip about a family I don’t even know. Hmm….
I decided to take the plunge, (after all, the story is only 120 pages, so it won’t take much time out of my life if I end up not liking it), and boy am I glad I did! This story was not meant for you to become close to his kids or follow along where they went specifically. This was something bigger! Keith J. Price shares with his readers his life; his flaws, his experiences, his reason for living. He teaches us that there is so much good in life and that you can get all that good without even leaving your home. He allows us to experience a road trip that he takes with his two young children while he sorts out parts of his life. This trip helps him to process a bad incident at work, and to remind himself how much he is loved by his family and how lucky he is. He also allows us to take a trip down memory lane and experience certain events taking place in his life that were landmarks for him.
What really kept me turning the pages was Keith J. Prices’ humor and utter honesty. He tells it like it is. He talks about his kids bugging the crap out of him, snobby waiters, his views on god, his hatred of Nazis; all of which was done in a way that kept the reader grinning and letting out an occasional snort of laughter.
I came out of reading this book not feeling like this guy was better than me, or that he is luckier than me. I came out feeling reminded of just how lucky I am and how wonderful my life really is. Keith J. Price has written a terrific book that I would recommend to everyone. There are so many different things to take away with you that you will find in these 120+ pages. This is a book I will refer to again and again!


Keith J Price said...

Dear Ashley's Booktopia and Ashley,

I just about fell on the floor. Something compelled me to Google my name and book and I found this review. I do this once in a while and did I ever hit the jackpot. You got out of this book EXACTLY what I wanted to reader to get: insight, laughter, profundity. I am blown away by this kind review. How did you find my book, anyway? Did someone recommend it? I have been promoting it with radio,a little tv, signings. It has done OK, but you made my day. How can we get in touch? My email is and I don't care who sees this. THANKS.

ashley's booktopia said...


I am very flattered that you liked my review. I loved your book and think you deserve tons of credit! It's always nice to hear from authors and to hear their thoughts :-)