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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As a big mystery fan, this story definitely helped to feed my addiction. I thoroughly enjoyed not only the story, but the originality of it.
Dr. Jack Youngblood works with the dead. Preferring to work with the dead rather than the living, he considers himself a loner. He lives alone with his dog, Lilly. When Jack does an autopsy on one man and realizes he was murdered, he starts to investigate. Not long after, another person winds up dead. This one looks like a hit and run. Both deaths look suspicious and Jack soon realizes that they are connected.
Jack and his colleague, Jill, work side by side to uncover the mystery. They find a mosquito in the pocket of one of the dead bodies and invite a bug specialist to take a closer look at it. Their investigation leads them to a government building which is the Biologistics site. Jack and Jill try to ask them questions and to see if any of their employees have gone missing recently. The personnel that talk with them refuse to say anything and walk away. Discouraged, Jack obsesses about the case and continues with the investigation even when warned not to.
While all of this is going on, Jack and Jill notice a spark between the two of them. They decide to give it a try and start to see each other outside of work. Things appear to go well for awhile until Jack makes a relationship ending mistake and finds that Jill no longer trusts him.
The story continues, and Jack finds that Biologistics is more a part of these two deaths than they are willing to admit. When it is discovered that all of these events have to do with mosquitoes, things heat up and become very dangerous, even potentially deadly.
Having read many mystery/suspense books with similar story plots, I found this particular plot very refreshing. What I also loved was the make-up of the main characters. I felt that Chris Holmes allowed his readers the opportunity to really get to know his characters and fall in love with them. I felt as though I was right there with Jack as he performed his autopsies and with Jill as she faced some very dangerous men.
I would recommend this story to any mystery/suspense lovers. This story also has a lot of information about forensic pathology, which is Jack’s career, so if this is of interest to anyone, then this book is for you as well!

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Australian Online Bookshop said...

I loved this book too. Very suspenseful and not at all predictable. One of my favorites in recent times.