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Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the Shadow of the Glacier- Vicki Delany

I've posted about a few mystery books on here, but this one is by far the best! if you walk away agreeing to read any of these mystery books, this is the one to seek out! not to say the other's are great, but this one outshines them!
The difference with this story is that I feel as though the author allows you to really really connect with the characters, so you actually really care what happens to them. I found myself feeling what they were feeling. I felt frustrated when Molly Smith, a police officer who is helping on the investigation of who killed a man in her town, can't find a lead to the murder. My heart goes out to her friend who gets brutally attacked by her stalker. I feel elated when they finally catch the psycho behind all of this.
This story is set up in a small town in British Columbia, Tralfalgar, to be exact. Everyone there knows everyone and they all basically grew up together, so it's a big shock when someone winds up dead.
My review is much more detailed so check it out at!

Marathon Murders- Chester D. Campbell

This book, as you can tell by the title, was a mystery novel. It was the fourth in the series, so the characters are main characters, which are the two PI's (private investigators) are already introducted many times before this book. The book thing is, that you don't have to read the first three to understand the book. The author does a nice job at re-introducing us to Greg McKenzie and his wife.
at first i didn't think I was going to like this story because it seemed a bit slow, but I really got into it and found that the ending had a nice twist. It's set up as a typical mystery story; someone goes missing, you find out they are dead, a few more people die, you look for clues, you have a few suspects, then it ends up being someone you really didnt suspect. Chester Campbell does a good job at staying on track and giving good information, without going overboard with too much detail.

if you like mystery's, then you'll enjoy this story.
to see my full review, check out

Generation NeXt Marriage- Tricia Goyer

Well this is yet another marriage book that I read and reviewed. I don't have all that much to say about it. The things that stood out for me in comparison to other marriage books that I read was Tricia Goyers set up of the book. She broke her chapters up into topics she wanted to cover about marriage, gave her blip, but the different part was that all throughout she put what "real" people thought about that certain topic. There were people that she actually went out and interviewed and got their opinion on. I really liked that. So not only are we getting the author's view point, but we are also getting what random people across the country think about certain topics on marriage; what works, what doesn't, etc.

Since I havn't been married even quite a year yet, I'm not yet having some of the problems that long time married couples have. I'm taking a lot of the advice from these books and storing some of the information in my wee little brain until there comes a time when I may need to pull it out and use it. I even talk about some of it with my husband just to get an idea on what he thinks about it.

To see my full review on this book, and more detailed examples of what was in the book, go to to read it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just a quick note! i've been sick recently so I've been wayyy behind on this site! I have five really great books to add on here and will start posting them tomorrow! two of them I need to wait on because they have not been posted at yet, but three of them i'll be putting up here tomorrow!

<3 ashley

Friday, April 4, 2008

pep talk to all you blog readers

okay! I'm gonna give it to you straight! *rolls up pant legs and bends at the waist with hands on legs* in order for this blog thing to work, i need feedback! tell me i suck at writing, tell me you don't agree with my ideas, tell me you went out and read what i suggested, tell me what the weather is like in your town! tell me if you pick your nose or not! SAY SOMETHING!

There is great potential here people! *points to figures written on chalk board* If subject A (that's me) makes a move (writes a post), then subject B (all you wonderful blog readers) need to intercept the pass and run with it! (respond to what i write! talk about anything!). with that game plan you will have a great victory!

can I get a G-O B-O-O-K-T-O-P-I-A!!!!

Phew! *wipes brow* lets make magic people!

Pilate: A Brutal Bible Tale-Steven.Rage

I don't even know how to start talking about this one. I think it best to weed out those who wouldn't be interested first. This book is sick, it's disgusting, it's stomach curling, it's wicked, it's amazing! afraid yet? if so, go away now.

Steven Rage took a story out of the bible, the one where Jesus is betrayed, then crucified, and turns it into his own. His characters are demons, monsters, vampires. They are drug dealers, they make deals with the devil. I think i described it nicely in my review at I even got an email from the author saying how i really "got him". Pretty good compliment I think...I was a little suprised and shocked as well, seeing how I was able to tap into the mind of such a scary dude.

I think for those of you who don't have weak stomachs, won't be offended because it is turning a religious story into something of its own, and who are in touch with their darker sides will absolutly will find what you are looking for with this book. Every page i turned a little voice in my head told me to put the book down and throw it away, but dammit, I wanted to see how far Steven Rage would go with it...and he went far!!!

So yea, read it if you are in touch with the taboo side of life, walk away if you can't handle the heat!!!!

A Slave No More-David W. Blight

okay so once again it's been forever since I've posted this. I have no excuses, just that life is slightly stressful right now!

Lets get right to it! A few weeks ago I read a book titled "A Slave No More" by David W. Blight. Right off the bat I knew it was not 'my kinda book'. But don't get me wrong, it IS a great book if you are into history, and knowing about the time when slavery was prevelent. David Blight came into contact with two authentic, never before published journals of two slaves. They wrote about their years as slaves, how they escaped/got freed, their families, and life after slavery. Pretty cool huh?
I thought at first it would be two stories of these men...wrong. David Blight is extremley knowledgeable and passionate about this time in history so he throws at you everything that is going on during that time; the war, the presidents and what they are doing to continue/stop slavery, etc.
If you are one that is interested in accounts such as these, take a look at my review of the book at and decide for yourself if the book is worth picking up! You won't be disappointed!