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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay, I just responded to an email from an author, a pretty amazing one at that, about the topic of ethics when it comes to reviewing. I have never seen any actually written down, but are there a core set of them in a book somewhere that reviewers are supposed to know about and follow? If so, someone please email me or write on here to share it with everyone.
I always have used common sense when I write my reviews. As you can see on some of them, I write less than favorable reviews, but in my opinion I am always being honest. the big 'BUT' in my book is that there is a difference between being honest and open about a book and being a total jerk-face. Yes, I said jerk-face. :-)
I hope in my not-so-positive reviews I have at least shown authors the respect they deserve. I may not agree with the topic they write about, the message they are sending, or the way they write their books, but for the record, they deserve TONS of credit and respect. They are pouring their heart and souls out to the public and sharing their creation. I look up to each and every author so much and hope to someday be able to say I did more than have a few of my reviews published. Although I did just recently have one published on the front page of a book, ahmm, but that's getting off topic.
So yea, if anyone out there has any knowledge of a set of ethics around reviewing, please let me know! and to those reviewers out there who aren't aware. Our words can cause a lot of damage. There is a difference between disliking a piece of work and saying it needs some more editing, than just writing down hurtful things just because you can. Think about that next time you go and write a nasty review.

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