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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I honestly did not think I would like this story very much, but it was unlike any other I have read and really was quite entertaining. I think this is a good read for anyone, and can lighten any mood. check out for more reviews like the one below.

Ray Holland breaks his story up into two parts; The Mayor’s Daughter and The Hermit. Part one focuses mostly on the Mayor’s daughter. The reader soon learns that she is a nice enough girl, with a nice enough life. Her focus in this hilariously light story is finding men to play ‘bouncy-bouncy’ with, (and no, I did not make up that word. It came from the book, I swear!). When she sets her sight on a man, she goes home with him. As they are doing their thing, the earth shakes, strange animals make appearances, and vortexes appear. This is Ray Holland’s way of telling the reader that amazing things happened in the bedroom.
Part two of the story focuses more on the hermit. This hermit went to hermit school, did an apprenticeship with another hermit and now for the past fifty years has made his career out of being a hermit. His spiritual life goal is to reach the High Plane of Astral Everythingness. There are approximately 143 steps that need to be taken to get there. Well on his way to reaching this goal, he starts to get distracted by visions and dreams of the Mayor, his daughter, and a few others, all of whom he has never met before.
The story continues on its light and hilarious path and the two characters end up meeting. The best way to describe this story is to first say that all seriousness goes out the window as soon as you open the front cover. This oddly fascinating and refreshingly original story is unlike any other! I wouldn’t even know what category to put it in. It isn’t a children’s book because it has adult humor in it, but at the same time it is non offensive. This story can be enjoyed by all. It’s like thinking of some of the silliest things and words you can possibly think up in your head and mixing it in with a simple story line. It is really quite genius!
Ray Holland has an amazing talent for writing, but also an uncanny knack for breaking the unspoken rules of traditional storytelling and creating something truly inspirational- an amazing read that will keep you grinning ear to ear until the very end!

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