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Monday, March 2, 2009


okay, words can't describe this story. Okay they can, which is what I did below, but seriously this book is so freaking amazing. I'm going to wait a year, then read it again, and probably do this every year after that. It's one of the good ones peeps! trust me! for more great reviews!

Knowing that Nancy Bush is going a bit out of her element with this thriller story had me a bit skeptical at first. Within the first chapter, hell, the first page even, I knew this book was going to be a hit. I can say with complete confidence that Nancy Bush has found her niche. She has created such an amazing, thrilling story filled with horror, mystery, intrigue, and romance. My eyes were glued to this book. Not once did this story go dry or even slow down with the excitement.
Lucky, as she likes to call herself, has a knack for sensing when someone is bad. She spends her time following after and killing men who hurt people, or who have intentions on hurting people. Her main targets appear to be rapists, pedophiles and women beaters. Lucky is sly and quick and able to cover her tracks well, always using a different vehicle to follow these bad people.
Gemma LaPorte doesn’t remember what happened. She wakes up in a hospital bed with a nasty injury on the side of her face. Determining she’s been in an accident of some sort, Gemma realizes that the last memory she has if of three days ago. At around the same time of her accident, a man was mowed down with a vehicle in the parking lot of a soccer field where children were playing. After the accident it was discovered that this man was a pedophile that had tried to grab a little girl in his van. Gemma is considered a suspect, but she cannot remember anything that has happened.
At the same time these events are taking place, a man who calls himself Wolf is going around killing women who he considers to be witches. The cops have no idea who is committing these crimes and burning their bodies. While Wolf stalks and kills these women he obsesses over the thought that he is after one particular ‘witch’. All signs point to Gemma LaPorte, but the stories don’t connect until further into the book.
Nancy Bush has proven that she has an extraordinary talent for writing. All of these events are connected and the ending will blow her readers right out of the water! As you read this book you will think you have pegged what is going on, just to be shocked into realization that it is something else entirely. I would recommend and highly suggest readers who enjoy thrillers that are fast paced and unrelenting seek out this book. It will be worth every penny spent! Nancy Bush has found her true calling in writing about dark and scary things!

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